‘Joe never fails to deliver, and produces one of the most powerful shows in the country. Joe’s passion for music and his genuine love of his fans make him the best in the business. Up and coming artists wanting longevity should take a leaf out of Joe’s book.’ Duane McDonald Regional Touring

Interview by Shane Pinnegar 100% Rock Magazine

‘You get the impression Camilleri cannot stop – he lives and breathes music…’ review by Jade Lazarevic Newcastle Herald

‘Camilleri encompasses a certain freedom when he performs. He gets lost in the moment, and the audience happily gets swept up in his river of emotion.’ Review by Amelia Cunningham ToneDeaf

Joy of sax and pluck of the Irish  story by Jason Stegar  Sydney Morning Herald

‘Camilleri is an Aussie rock legend and one of this nation’s finest performers..the epitome of a hardworking entertainer who knows how to connect with his audience.‘ Camilleri Flies High story by Chris Johnson Sydney Morning Herald

‘Appearing before a sell-out crowd, The Black Sorrows rocked the room from the count in of the opening song, till the final hammer of the drums in an encore performance’  Review by Frances Kay – Lizottes

‘Listening to Joe is a privilege, a man of musical integrity and great heart – long may you rock, “I hope you die on the tour bus!” Bruce Davis – Way Out West Roots Music Club – Williamstown

‘Our favourite peformance of the Muster was that of the iconic Black Sorrows. They blew the roof off the Crow Bar as they had everybody smiling, dancing, drinking & rocking the night away.’  Vulture Magazine

Camilleri is joined onstage by such a wealth of talent ….Everything comes together in what makes a complete experience and it appears that the crowd feels the same. There’s less of the polite applause and more of the real appreciation, more open-mouthed wonder’ Review The Quarry Amphitheatre Perth

By The Book story by Michael Smith

‘The music bounces out of the speakers and hits you with its freshness and vitality.’ Review Brian Wise Off The Record

2010 45th Anniversary Tour State Theatre Sydney

‘As the man who produced Joe’s first single & album way back in 1975-ish, the 45th anniversary retrospective he staged did me proud.  With his inimitable voice, sax playing, charm & energy undiminished & buffed to a high gloss by experience, a mega night was had by all.  I mighta helped him through the door 45 years ago, but he’s been filling the rooms all by himself ever since.’ Ross Wilson

‘Joe’s 45th anniversary show was a joyous celebration of his long and illustrious career. Joe and a cast of stellar musicians presented all the hits and some choice covers, reflecting Joe’s extensive musical knowledge and his passion for rock and roll.  I was honoured and thrilled to be there.’  Brian Nankervis, Rockwiz

‘Joe Camilleri’s 45th anniversary concert promised to be a celebration of a career remarkable for its versatility and longevity. It certainly fulfilled that promise. The diversity of music on offer considering that it largely stemmed from one source was amazing.’Andrew Watt

2009 Four Days in Sing Sing DVD

  • ‘The Black Sorrows is whatever line-up Camilleri chooses at the time … It is a formidable combination in its own right.’ Off The Record
  • ‘A fantastic aural document of a band that keeps quietly peaking’  Nova Magazine

2009 Bakelite Radio Volume I

  • ‘Camilleri continues to mellow as a singer and players’ rapport is warm and subtle.’ The Age
  • Music Australia Guide (MAG) 4 stars

2008 Bakelite Radio Volume IV

‘In terms of sheer listening pleasure there are not many albums released this year will eclipse this album.’ Rhythms Magazine

‘Man of 1000 Faces – Joe Camilleri’ Story by Brian Wise Off The Record

2007 The Black Sorrows – Roarin’ Town Tour

‘It might have been eight years between Black Sorrows albums and twice as many again since those “classic Sorrows” years but Camilleri hasn’t been resting on his laurels.  Brett Winterford Sydney Morning Herald  Read More

2006 Bakelite Radio Volume III

  • ‘A warm, supple blend of country, jazz and rhythm ‘n’ blues grooves. Camilleri’s voice has never sounded as rich and varied.’ The Sunday Telegraph May 05
  • ‘Nocturnal nirvana’ Beat Magazine 8 Jun 06
  • ‘Sexy, smouldering late-night music’ The Age – Melbourne, 20 May 05
  • ‘There’s a warmth, an intimacy, an ardour that seems to bypass decades of styles and fads and recording methods to embrace the heart and soul of R&B’ Meteor Music

2004 One Mo Time – The Black Sorrows

‘A hand-tooled model of a national treasure’ InPress, Melbourne, 3 Nov 04

2003 Live at the Spiegeltent Review ABC  Dig Radio

1998 Beat Club – The Black Sorrows

  • ‘His best Black Sorrows album in a decade!’ The Bulletin, Australia, 27 Oct 98
  • ‘Joe is still the man. 8/10′ Sun Herald, Sydney, 4 Oct 98
  • ‘Beat Club is one of the great Black Sorrows records and also one of the best Australian releases this year’ Rip It Up, Adelaide, 26 Nov 98
  • ‘The best thing Joe has done in his long and distinguished career’ Rave, Brisbane, 19 Nov 98
  • ‘Hats off to Joe Camilleri. Who would have thought that at this stage of The Black Sorrows’ career Joe would have come up with an album to just about rival the definitive Hold On To Me. Beat Club is a triumph!’ Time Off, Brisbane, 30 Sep 98