Bakelite Radio Discography

Bakelite Radio was another side project from the early 2000s. This particular group focussed on more acoustically-oriented music, though still in a country/R&B mould. The group has released four albums: in order of release, they are Bakelite Radio Volume II (2003), Bakelite Radio Volume III (2004) Bakelite Radio Volume IV (2007), and Bakelite Radio Volume I (2009).As a live act, Bakelite Radio was active from 2001 to 2007.

“Bakelite Radio represents the kind of music I was listening to as a young boy digging the wealth and richness of the blues. Several of these songs were just lying about looking for a little sunlight. The idea was not to dissect every little move, just keep the spirit intact.” Joe

The Reviews

2009 Bakelite Radio Volume I
‘Camilleri continues to mellow as a singer and players’ rapport is warm and subtle.’ The Age

Music Australia Guide (MAG) 4 stars

2007 Bakelite Radio Volume IV
‘In terms of sheer listening pleasure there are not many albums released this year will eclipse this album.’ Rhythms Magazine

2004 Bakelite Radio Volume III

  • ‘A warm, supple blend of country, jazz and rhythm ‘n’ blues grooves. Camilleri’s voice has never sounded as rich and varied.’ The Sunday Telegraph May
  • ‘Nocturnal nirvana’ Beat Magazine 8 Jun
  • ‘Sexy, smouldering late-night music’ The Age – Melbourne, 20 May
  • ‘There’s a warmth, an intimacy, an ardour that seems to bypass decades of styles and fads and recording methods to embrace the heart and soul of R&B’ Meteor Music